Located in the seaside village of Elounda, on the northeast coast of Crete, our villa is an ideal place for a family vacation, with plenty of space for up to 10 guests. 

Designed in such a way to combine modern minimalist style with simplicity. Villa Mimaze consists of 5 bedrooms, 4 of which have en-suite bathrooms. It’s separated into two floors with special emphasis being placed on letting you have a breathtaking panoramic view of the Cretan sea.

Villa Mimaze also boasts an outdoor swimming pool with hydromassage that sets the tone for rest and relaxation. The interior pays respect to minimalism and functionality as each room is fully functional and well equipped, giving you an extra privacy you may need.

“We pride ourselves on our personal service throughout your stay. Right from the time we meet you on your arrival until we say “see you again” before your departure.”

Our location

The luxurious Villa Mimaze is located in Elounda, a beautiful coastal town of Eastern Crete. Elounda is located in the same place where the ancient, glorious city of Olous once stood.

With a long history stretching back to Minoan civilization, and even mentioned by Homer in his epics, ancient Olous was an important and powerful city-state during the classical period which, thanks to its strategic location, continued to flourish through Roman and Byzantine times.

The now sunken ruins of Olous can still be seen on calm days and add to the cultural heritage of modern Elounda.

our name

«Mimaze», the name of our villa, is an acronym derived from the names of Michael and Maria Zervos, the original owners of this large estate in the early 1900s. The late Michael and Maria Zervos,

in whose honor the villa is named after, bequeathed their property to their grandson, George Zervos, who fulfilled their wish and built an impressive yet minimal building.


Apart from its services and unique style, the location of Villa Mimaze is one of its strongest points. Just 10 metres from the coast and a five minute walk to the center of Elounda, you can easily enjoy the magnificent beaches of Northeastern Crete as well as discover exciting opportunities for shopping, traditional food and explore different aspects of the island’s serene nightlife. Villa Mimaze offers you the perfect combination of having a comfortable stay along with quick and easy access to the town’s best places.